Calme — voice assistant that helps you stay safe walking home late


Use the assistant to prevent an emergency before it happens

Call Calme

Keep talking for as long as you need to keep calm and get clear of danger.

Share your location

Share your location with friends, family and first responders so they know how to find you.

Get help fast

Just say “help” to share your location quickly. You can cancel the alert just as fast.

Technology that works for you

It understands you

The assistant recognizes different accents, no matter how fast you talk, with 99% accuracy.

It sets the pace

Keep calm with advice based on behavioral analysis of people in stressful situations.

It makes the call

The assistant sends your location to friends and family, as well as first responders.

It maps your route

The assistant tracks and storage your location only while the app is active.

Get the app

Your late night companion when walking home
Google Play

How it works

Imagine you’re walking down a dark street and someone is following you
You call the assistant without drawing attention to yourself
The assistant will tell you how to stay safe, and help you to keep calm
If you’re in danger, say “help” and the assistant will share your location with your contacts and first responders
4:10 PM
Rosalina has sent an emergency alert via Calme. Please get in touch to check everything is OK. Their location is near 2 Kenwood Pl, East Orange

4 out of 5 people say they feel safer and calmer when talking to the assistant

“If someone appears from nowhere, you don’t have time to react. The best thing to do is not interact with them. If you don’t pay attention to them, they won’t pay attention to you. That’s why using the assistant has helped me.”
“I walk through a park on my way home, which can be frightening if there are suspicious people around. I feel calmer talking to the assistant rather than worrying about where I am. Plus my mom now knows how to find me if something ever happens.”
“I used to text my boyfriend when I get off the bus so he knows where I am. I did it to reassure him, but now he knows I have support from the assistant, I no longer text.”